Spirit Mound

The first recorded history of Spirit Mound was from Lewis and Clark.  Spirit Mound is located in Vermillion, SD.  Though the mound is not a true mound but actually a kind of formation called rochee moutonee.  The Sioux, Omaha and the Otoes believed that the mound was inhabited by spirits or little men who would kill anyone who tried to approach the hill. After, visiting this mound I could appreciate how the legend came about.

Even now when one hikes up the little hill the view is incredible of the surrounding landscape.  It takes just a little imagination to picture the sea of prairie grass and flowers that surrounded the area.  In 2001 the state parks began prairie restoration restoring the land around the mound to its origins.

Though, this blog is dedicated to prehistoric mounds and even though the Native Americans did not build it.  This mound was a special place and reverence was given to it and should be appreciated for its true beauty.  If ever in this area it is definitely worth a look and to take the short hike up the mound.



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