Cahokia’s Mound 72

The past weekend I was able to visit Mound 72 at Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville, IL.  Due to time constraints I focused on one area of the mound complex and searched out Mound 72.  I was surprised how far away the mound was in connection to Woodhenge and Monk’s Mound.

The history of mound 72 points to the fact that the 250 individuals buried there were most likely sacrificial victims.  Some researchers believed the victims were killed in the same spot they were killed.  The artifacts found in this mound give us a big picture of what Cahokia life was like and how far their influence extended with other tribes.

One curious thing about the mound is that it is not aligned with the other mounds.  The mound was built at a 45 degree angle pointing towards the solstice.  The billboard around the mound gives a little more information about what was found in the mounds.  I have included a link that gives a brief history.

For the amount of information found on this mound it still leaves a lot of questions.  This state historic park is rich in history and the museum is one of the best I’ve ever encountered giving a person a look into the life of a Cahokian.  

I would encourage all to stop and visit this site even if it is just for an hour.   The history of this people is a very rich and fascinating culture.  The site as earned a spot as a World Heritage Site.  

I hope to add some pictures soon of this trip and a little more in depth analysis about this site and the curious findings of Mound 72.


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